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Immigrants are classified as illegal as soon as they actually do one of the three usual reasons.  First, if they decide to enter the country without authorization or any appropriate inspection.  Second, if they remain longer than the time the government allowed them to remain after they legally entered the nation.   And third, if they violate any of the terms set for legal entries.

The government officials have come up with certain laws which are primarily aimed at handling instances of illegal immigration.  These laws can be enacted by officials at the local, state or even the federal level.  A good example of such legislation would be the Arizona SB1070, signed only in 2010.  This law is the strictest and also widest anti-illegal immigration measure that’s been submitted during the past decades in the whole country.

This considerably stricter enforcement in guarding borders has failed to stop illegal immigration.  As opposed to prevention, the flow has become much more rampant within the country’s more remote areas.  Because of this, American taxpayers are asked to increase their pay to accommodate the fees of each and every arrest which accounts to $1700 in 2002, from only three hundred dollars in 1992.Who’s Assigned to Guard the Borders?

The US Customs and Border Protection is the part of the Government that’s responsible for apprehending foreign nationals who’re attempting to make an illegal entry into the United States.  The US Border Patrol is the mobile law enforcement group that is in charge of deterring, detecting, and also apprehending those who intend to go into the country without the appropriate authorization coming from the US Government. They’ll either be deported or imprisoned.

It’s a law in the USA that when immigrants, either legal or illegal, are apprehended doing an activity that might be considered as a crime on American grounds, then they will be charged with federal statutes. Once they have been convicted, they’ll be sent to federal prisons.

legal Immigrants at the Workplace. For years and years, immigration authorities have warned lots of employers regarding the mismatches of the reported social security cards of certain employees and their actual names. In Wal-Mart, in 2005, their bosses complied with paying out around $11 Million just to settle a particular federal investigation that discovered hundreds upon hundreds of illegal immigrants who were hired by the cleaning contractors of Wal-Mart. Swift & Co., specifically in December of 2006, was raided by the US federal immigration. Their meat-processing factories and plants which are situated in six US states had around 1300 illegal immigrants for employees. This, to date, is the largest crackdown in the US.

Another company, Tyson Foods, is one of those that are being continuously accused of being very active in importing illegal labor for its numerous chicken-packing plants and factories.   But, the set jury ended up acquitting this specific company after the evidence was presented concerning Tyson Foods going beyond the mandated Authorities requirements with regards to documentation for its workers.

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