Fun Ideas for a Second-Baby Shower

Holding a baby shower is a fun way to help new moms and dads to have a smooth start to being parents. It’s also an important way for loved ones to show their support of the parents. Having a shower for a second baby has often been seen as excessive, since the parents will likely already have the big-ticket items like cribs and strollers. It is now considered proper to have a second-baby shower, as long as certain modifications are made.

You may want to consider having an essentials-only shower, having guests purchase those basic items that every baby needs new, like diapers, bottles, and bath accessories. You could also ask the parents what they did not receive the first time around, and add those items to the registry. You can also have a shower where the gifts are for mom, with guests bringing relaxing and useful items for her to enjoy during the last days of her pregnancy and after the baby is born. You can choose items that will be a treat, like a thick, sweet-smelling body lotion, or something more practical, like an extra-large handbag.

It can also be especially fun to throw a shower that reminds the mom that she won’t be pregnant forever, with gifts like lingerie, chocolate treats, alcoholic beverages, and other items. You can also pool your money together to purchase gift certificates for spa treatments or an elegant dinner, though if you can prearrange babysitting, even better. Another idea is to have a planning meeting with dad and the guests before the party, in order to schedule days and times where help is likely to be needed, using a dry-erase calendar.

You might want to arrange for someone to clean house while mom and baby are still in the hospital, helping out with childcare or as a helper on errands or grocery day, or schedule transportation for the older child’s school and sports activities, especially the first week or so. Mom will be delighted at receiving this calendar full of helpful offers, as well as the names and phone numbers of the helpers (in case of changes). It may be that both mom and the baby in fact don’t need anything new. You might choose to simply have a party, inviting the mom’s closest friends and family.

Optionally, guests can bring unwrapped baby gifts and these can be donated to a women’s charity or other organization that can put them to good use. You might also have a “freezer” party for the new parents, where all the guests show up with a small dish that can be frozen or stored for later consumption. This will be much appreciated by mom during the final days of her pregnancy and the days immediately after the birth. If having this kind of a shower, however, you’ll need to let mom know so she can see if she has enough space for everything, as well as choose a date very close to her delivery date.

A final note – if the baby-to-be is a “caboose” baby – one that is being born several years after the last child the parents had – you can feel comfortable hosting a traditional shower. In many cases mom and dad will no longer have even the big-ticket items anymore, or they might be considered unsafe under today’s standards.

Don’t forget that the type of shower is secondary to the purpose of the shower itself, which is to show the mom that she has the love and support of her friends and family. Many thanks for taking the time to read our article, please check out these site for more info baby shower favors, baby shower cake ideas and baby shower favors. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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