Okemos car accident kills Okemos High Student – Ingham County Car Accident

I heard a tragic story on the news over the weekend about how an Okemos high school student died in an Okemos car accident. consistent with police, Adam Nevells was turning not noted of the college car parking zone when he was allegedly hit by a pick-up truck. He was killed at he scene and therefore the driver of the pick-up truck was transported to an area hospital with serious injuries. Police are still investigating this accident to work out what happened.

I am very sorry to listen to about this tragic car accident and want my most heart-felt condolences to the family of Adam Nevells for his or her loss. I wish a speedy and full recovery to the motive force of the pick-up truck and hopes he doesn’t suffer any permanent deficits from this accident. For this sort of auto accident in Michigan, the injured pick-up driver can submit a claim for Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits.

No-Fault benefits will cover his medical expenses, lost wages, attendant care, replacement services, and other benefits associated with injuries suffered within the accident. The injured parties can claim these benefits whether or not they didn’t have a Michigan insurance policy. Also, for this sort of auto accident in Michigan, the relations of Adam Nevells could also be able to make a claim for Survivor Loss Benefits. this will include payment of funeral expenses, lost wages, and loss of other services.

In addition, the injury victims could also be able to file a lawsuit against the persons determined to be guilty within the auto accident. The underwriter for the motive force must still cover any injuries. during this lawsuit, the injured parties can claim damages and compensation for the injuries suffered within the accident. The insurance underwriter for the negligent driver typically pays a settlement for this sort of case.

Also, the members of the family of Adam Nevells may have a claim for a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit against the motive force that police determine was negligent and caused this accident. At the very least, the surviving family should hire the simplest possible lawyer to appear into these possibilities. An experienced Michigan car accident lawyer can assist the victim with this sort of claim. Accident victims shouldn’t speak with the insurance adjuster for the negligent driver before consulting with an attorney.

If you’d like more information about your rights after a Michigan car accident, we’ll send it out immediately together with other important information.

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